in order to best suit the needs of your schedule and the upkeep of the maintenance of your hair, we recommend that our clients book their upcoming appointments in advance. 

in the best consideration of our salon clients along with our team of stylists, we respectfully ask that a minimum of twenty-four hours notice is given for any appointment changes or cancellations. 

Salon Policies

pricing for our salon services are based on the experience and education of the individual stylist, along with the demands for their time. 

service prices vary by specialist and start at the prices listed. if you are seeking a specific pricing point, we are more than happy to provide options for you within the services of our stylists.

all prices are subject to change and do not include gratuity. for questions and other service inquiries please contact us directly. 

In the case of any dissatisfaction with a service you have received, we are happy to provide to you the opportunity to return to the salon for us to redo the service.

our policy for a redo service is that you must call us within ten (10) business days of the original service and that the redo be scheduled with the same stylist who provided the service.

in the case that the original stylist has no time available an exception may be made, and the redo may be scheduled with another member of our team. 

Little ones

Red the Salon welcomes all children with a scheduled appointment.

However, in the best interest of our team members and your child's safety, the staff of RED are not able to hold liability for your children if they are running, spinning or climbing on chairs, playing with cords or tools, or opening any closed drawers within the space during their visit with us.

Our salon has various hot tools that stay on the majority of the day at temperatures over 400 degrees F. Most drawers contain sharp objects and chemicals that could be potentially dangerous to unsuspecting children.


returns of unopened or defective products are not an issue and we would be happy to swap it out or refund it at your choice. salon merchandise may be returned for exchange or salon credit. hair brushes may not be returned due to health and sanitation code. products may not be returned after 14 days from purchase.