After 18 years working alongside Scott at Red, Nathan Dubuque announced his official partnership with Scott Fortner and Red the Salon in March of 2017.

Whether you're just joining our family or you've been with us for decades... many of you will know, Nathan is an incredibly talented and passionate stylist behind the chair at Red the Salon.

With a multi-faceted gift for hairdressing , Nathan’s 18 + years of experience has allowed for him to continue to exceed each of his client's expectations in his coloring and cutting techniques, enhancing the look of each guest he cares for.

Nathan has been a staple within our family at Red and we couldn't be more excited to begin this new journey. Nathan and Scott have always made a great team, and we are delighted to see the combined talents of these men continue to flourish together.

With Nathan's leadership skills, passion for people, and love for the beauty industry, we welcome the formality in this partnership.

With the announcement of this partnership, and in reflection of 20 years at Red - as a team, and as a family - we are truly a blessed group of people.

We are pleased to welcome this partnership with open arms as we begin a new chapter within the ever flourishing Red the Salon.